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    Ray with the great Johnny O'Keefe 1977                                                                      

Ray, Angus and Malcolm Young and Mark Evans (AC/DC) at the ABC TV Countdown Studios 1975

Johnny Young and Ray at Ripples Darling Harbour celebrating the return of Young Talent Time 21 Jan 2012
A golden oldie from the Gladstone Festival in the early 80's with illusionist Phil Cass, Ray, Jane Scali and the band

Ray and crew recording Spicks and Specks at the old Countdown studios in the

ABC Melbourne on 23.01.08. The episode was broadcast on 4.06.08 


Old rock & roll mates join Normie Rowe for his 60th at Crown Casino 5.12.07  
          Ronnie, JPY & Daryl                                     Dennis, Ronnie and Ken Sparks




 Tony, Ray, Ken and Colleen Bobby, Ray, Mike and Tony
Jeff, Ray, Russell & Tony Yorkie, Normie and members of The Strangers

Some old mates Pat Garvey and Jamie Dunn (Agro) hanging out with the babes

in Brisbane in the mid 70's. What happened to all that hair boys?

Some snaps from the fantastic TVW 7 Perth Telethon 13th & 14th October 2007

Redtime was my first professional band, with Chris O'Leary (Guitar), Robert Barnett

(Drums), Linda Barford and I on vocals and John Congerton (Bass).

We played across most of Australia from 1970 to 1974. I loved the big harmony stuff we did and for a time we were Johnny Farnham's backing band.

It was regretable that we didn't record but the years on the road were a great teacher.

This photo was on the back cover of the
Not So Pretty album released in 1976

The hosts of ABC TV FLASHEZ Ray and Mike Meade 1976

 Ray worked with Sydney band HOTROX in the late 70's
With John Farnham at the 1975 King of Pop Awards in Melbourne
The late great JOK was always a loyal supporter and friend. LA 1977 the Happy Hour brigade, Rick Springfield, Russell Morris, Daryl Cotton, Ray, Billy Thorpe & Brian Cadd
Sammy Davis walked through a crowded ballroom to introduce himself and tell me how much he liked my hat.
He was a fantasic man.
At an aftershow party 1986 at the Orchard Hotel in Perth, Stevie Wonder played the piano for the rest of the guests to sing too. What a buzz that night was!
In the company of greatness. Michael Jackson
at Perth Telethon 1985.
Afternoon tea with Normie, Colleen and Molly.
 Could this be the Rat Pack? No, just Ian Turpie,
Normie Rowe and Ray Burgess!
With the lovely Chantal Contouri
Being inducted into the Caloundra "Walk of Fame" 2003
Brian Wenzel, Ray, the great Bobby Limb & Rachel Burgess